Guelph Museums

Guelph Museums aims to collect and share stories about past and present-day lived experiences in the place we now call Guelph. The museum holds over 48,000 objects and photographs, including print, audio-visual, and digital materials, across three collections.

Collection includes:

  • Moving Image
  • Multimedia
  • Web pages
  • Photographs
  • Artifacts
  • Paintings
  • Manuscripts
  • Illustrations
  • Theatre Program

Highlights from this archive’s collection

History Bites: Life on the Grand, Reflections from the Black Community History Bites: Melba Jewell Military Lecture: The No. 2 Construction Battalion – Keeping History and their Legacy Alive History Bites: Rapid Response: Collecting Today for Tomorrow Military Lecture – Fighting for Citizenship: Black Union Soldiers on the Battlefield and in Politics The Black and White Minstrels Herbert, Edith, Dorothy and Frederick Bond circa 1900 Bill Jewell as a Young Man The Jewell Children Unidentified Man Charles Bollen Sr. Charles Bollen Jr. The Fabulous PJs Jocko Mold With Hat Rita Bollen Stickland Kathleen Bollen Ridell Sophia Lawson Mallotte and Myrtle Mallotte Portrait of unidentified man Annie Bollen Harper Evelina Slaughter Bollen as a Young Woman Gertrude Bollen Smith Evelina Slaughter Bollen as an Elder Woman Bollen Family Gathering Five Women and a Child "Aunt Harriet" Bollen Sisters, circa 1906 Rita Bollen and Warren Bollen Bollen Sons on the Steps of the Toronto St. House Charles Bollen Sr. in a Barbershop Stickland and Duncan Families Rita Bollen Stickland Rita Bollen and Bill Stickland Elsie Duncan, John, Fredie, Erica, Harold & Alice Duncan Bill Stickland's Airplane Bill Stickland and His Plane Fabulous PJs Portrait of Pat Jewell Al Brooks Holding Infant Patricia Jewell Norfolk St. United Church Choir When Gowns Were Dedicated, 1955 Melba Jewell on a Bicycle Photograph, Douglas Jewell and Army Buddies, Woseley Barracks, circa 1940 Miss Barber's Grade 7 Class Central School Bollen Women on Evelyn Duncan's Wedding Day Winter Scene "Some Recollections of James Walter Lyon" Some Anecdotes by James Walter Lyon Unidentified Family The Waldons on Stage Canadian Ambassadors Engagement Photo of Ida Brooks and Percy Cornelius Jewell Starlight Men's Club of Toronto Warren Stickland as a Young Boy Unidentified Family Percy Cornelius Jewell Souvenir Menu for CPR 175th Celebration - Food Kiosk The 10th Annual Guelph Kiwanis Club Minstrel Show "Minstrel Revue" Theatre Program, Kiwanis Club of Guelph, "Kiwanis Minstrel Show" Theatre Program, Kiwanis Club of Guelph, "Fourth Annual Minstrel Show"

Archive address

Guelph Civic Museum, 52 Norfolk Street, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1H 4H8